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Where to Buy ?

Head Office

Taman Palem Lestari Ruko Galaxy Blok K/79
Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat 11730
Phone : (021) 55959961
Fax : (021) 55959961

Thank You.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you.
We are a scale company which specialized in import and distribute all kind of scale, scale equipment, and manufacture all kind of scale.
Our company is committed to being recognized as a leading scale company for all over Indonesia market.
Interscale is focus on supplying of all kind of load cell, indicator, all kind of scale equipment, balance, weighing and platform scale, and offer full range of scale.
Interscale's committed to serve all good quality products and best service to all of our customer.
Interscale main business is to support all the scale dealer, sub dealer, scale makers, and other scale company with the very competitive price.
Interscale also offers a full range of Analytical balance, High precision balance and Jewelers balances for working with Gold and Precious stones.
Our Company also manufacturing all kind of Platform scale, Bench scale, Floor scale, Animal scale, Pallet scale, and many other scale with various kind of model.
We use a high quality material and good quality control for our own manufacture product with a reliable performance.
Kindly refer to our company web site mentioned above for more details. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any further clarification on our service.