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Batching Indicator : GST-9602 Series

Batching Indicator : GST-9602 Series
The GST-9602 are high performance weighing indicators that offer memory for 100 setpoint sets. The 100 codes. memory information blocks contain: Final Weight, Free Fall, Preliminary, Over and under weighing,, Accumulated weight and count totals for each set point. Options:
  • RS-232 Communication interface.
  • BCD parallel data output interface.
  • Analog output 4 to 20 mA (0-10 V).


    Load cell excitation  12 VDC±5%
     Load current  280 mA (max.) 8 (350)ohm load cells max.
     Input sensitivity  0.6 uV/ D to 120 uV/ D
     Zero adj. range  0.35 mV to 24 mV
     Span adjustment  full digital calibration
     Input impedance  10 MΩ
     Display resolution  10,000
     A/ D resolution  100,000 counts
     A/ D conversion rate  70 times/ sec
     A/ D conversion method  3 phase tare integrating dual-slop type
     Under zero indication  "---" sign
     Non linearity  +0.01% of full scale
     Temp. coefficent  zero...±(0.2 uV±0.0008% of the initi offset voltage)oC span ...±5 ppm/ oC of reading
     Power source
    100, 110, 220, 240 50/60 Hz
    (tactory installation)
     Net weight  approx. 4.0 kg
     Operating temperature  -5oC to +40oC
     Operation humidity  95% RH max. (non-condensing)
     Physical dimensions  250 (W) x 210 (D) x 131 (H) mm
     Panel cutout dimensions  232+1.0/ -0 (W) x 121+0.8/ -(H) mm